How to measure your finger
  • CASE 1: If you don't know the measurement
  • 1. Take a ring
  • 2. Print this PDF File
  • 3. Lay the sheet on a flat surface
  • 4. Place the ring on the sheet to find the measurement
  • 5. Return to leBebé and proceed with your purchase


  • CASE 2: If you don't know the measurement but you can measure your finger
  • 1. Take a piece of string or a strip of fabric / paper no wider than 2 cm and wrap it around your finger
  • 2. Mark the point where the string or strip meets to form a circle
  • 3. Measure the length in millimeters and convert it by consulting the table on this PDF file.  
  • A ring should never be worn tight, because it may restrict the circulation and cause discomfort. The correct fit is loose enough to allow the ring to slide on without being forced.
    The ring should not fall off if you shake your hand downwards.
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