Since 2019, leBebé has been working with Treedom to support the environment we inhabit and improve the world we will leave to future generations.
The collaboration began with the donation of 200 fruit trees to Cameroon, with the aim of improving the food security of the rural population and increasing local agricultural resources. Furthermore, the 200 trees chosen for the creation of the leBebé Forest are able to absorb approximately 11,000 kg of CO2.

In the coming months the project will be extended with new plantations in other areas of our planet and further donations so that Treedom can enlarge our (and your) forest.


Pianoterra Onlus

In 2020 leBebé began a collaboration with Pianoterra Onlus, an association that aims to help and support the most vulnerable families: leBebé has donated a series of products aimed at children living in hardship - clothing, bedroom furniture, strollers - in order to improve the conditions of young lives from the outset.

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