All our metals are subjected to a special antioxidant treatment for jewelery.
LeBebé jewels do not require special care or maintenance. However, the normal use of jewelry can determine its wear. In fact, over time, it is affected by atmospheric agents, acidity of the skin, cosmetics, perfumes, chemicals that make the surface of gold, platinum and silver jewels more opaque.
Furthermore, oxidation is a typical characteristic of metals, which tends to darken the jewels, which must therefore be kept in the right way, possibly inside its case, in a small bag that slows down its formation, away from sources of heat, avoiding excessive temperature changes.
The speed of this phenomenon also depends on the user’s habits and the acidity of his skin.
Cleaning with lukewarm water and neutral soap, or using a specific polishing cloth should give the jewel its shine. If this is not enough, we advise you to contact our Customer Service.
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