Our story

leBebé was founded in 2007, the result of a creative and entrepreneurial idea from siblings Paolo, Fabrizio and Mariana Verde. The owners of Lucebianca, they are the third generation of an established Neapolitan family and a business that began in 1948 in a small jewellery workshop in the Borgo degli Orefici, the ancient goldsmiths' area of Naples.

This marked the start of a journey and the development of an art form cultivated with patience and devotion, which later led to the founding of Oroverde, today a major player in the goldsmith sector.

A brand from the Lucebianca group, leBebé immediately attracted the interest of the market and, in just a few years, found success at national level, as well as taking its first steps towards the foreign market.

From the outset, the concept underlying all its products was extremely simple yet extraordinary: jewellery becomes a way of conveying emotions.

The first product launched has become iconic: the famous and much-loved pendant in a stylised male and female shape which over the years has progressed to rings, bracelets and earrings.

After 13 years of success and numerous products, leBebé is no longer only aimed at mothers, but to all women who love modern style and who face life with joy and passion.

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